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Yelp! Christianity

Words will never be more powerful than actions.  In this fabricated, “review” happy culture, we are reminded to live a life of substance.

Women Can Know God Too

With all the hate filling this world about equality and rights, it’s sickening that the church still doesn’t understand. Today, we discuss the power for all flesh to receive th...

The Prosperous Soul

Prosperity has very little to do with finances. Today, we talk about this misunderstood topic. Oh ya, and God wants you to be blessed!

Running Out Of Power

Today, Pastor James can’t understand how someone’s phone dies. More importantly, so many today run empty of God’s power.

Finding Your Assignment

The top question I get around the world is: “What is my purpose in life?”  Today we break it down and I give you three questions to clarify your assignment!

Era of Doubt

What ever happened to absolutes? When did doubting become the new faith? Today we expose this plan of Hell and encourage you to believe The Word of God again!

Fifty Year Commitment

Pastor James shocked everyone when he did his first “vision night” for a church plant. Today we talk about faithfulness and how to trust the process.

Hell? Yes!

When did it become cool to not believe in Hell? Today Pastor James addresses one of the silliest subjects ever.

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