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We must be dreamers.  However, as I travel the world I find one problem, your dream isn’t big enough!

Back To Basics

Today, Pastor James tells us why no one cares about a flat earth.  It’s time to get back to the basics and fall in love with Jesus.

Coffee Table

Pastor James shares a story of he and his wife that had a lasting effect on them both.  And we're reminded to give thanks always!

Pharaoh's Warning

Pharaoh had a dream that we believe is a prophetic picture to the church today.  Don’t let your negative eat your positive!

Love Your Life

So many people this time of year feel the need to go on vacation to escape from their life.  Although vacations can be great, ultimately, you need to live a life you don’t need ...


Today, we get real!  Pastor James speaks a timely word about your life and the fact that everything WASN’T paid for in Christianity.  You owe a co-pay!

Who Are You Blaming

We live in a day where people blame everyone for their problems.  It’s time to take take responsibility and soar with God!

Wakeup Your Faith

What's more valualble than silver and gold?  Your Faith!  Today, Pastor James Levesque talks about the importance of faith in our lives.     Don’t forget to share our podcast...


If God is for us, who can be against us?  Today, Pastor James Levesque dives into the topic of confidence.  The confidence David had when he chose to fight Goliath is the same co...

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