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What Remains

 We serve a God of restoration!  Today, we learn about God’s nature and remember that no matter what, He is the God of what remains!

Awareness Doesn't Work

As Christians, we aren’t called to just bring awareness but change.  Today, we tackle some sensitive issues that are happening around us and refocus on what the solution is.

Stop Rebranding

In a society that is constantly telling you to change, and in a dead church culture that does the same, we are reminded that we have to stick to God's original design.

Monday isn't the Problem

Monday’s don’t suck!  Chances are your life does.  Today, you need to get focused and make time for what matters!

Fire fall

We learn today about an event that was held at Yosemite National Park and we learn about the Fire of God! *Warning* The Fire Fall will happen when you listen to this!

Thoughts Of Power

If you change your thoughts, you change your life.  It’s time to take back your thoughts and replace them with “Thoughts of Power!”

The Power of Expectation

So many have lowered the expectation on their lives and it shows.  Today, we invite you to begin a new life of expectation and power!

Casino Christianity

Christianity isn’t a game of Blackjack.  It’s time to live on purpose and for a purpose!

Heartbreak Hill

Today we kick off the week and learn a powerful lesson from Paul the apostle about running this race!

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