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Today we talk about Prudence. It’s a word you need to hear! We must be stewards over everything God has entrusted to us.

Learning To Receive

The Bible talks about the law of giving and receiving. Most of us don’t understand how to receive. Today we talk about this powerful law.

Praise In The Prison

Today we discuss the Power of Praise! Get ready for shackles to come off and your desert season to end!

Kingdom By Choice

We all have daily choices, some of us are making defining moments. A lady from Hawaii recently inspired Pastor James.

It's Written On Your Face

Your face tells so much! Today we discuss a study and talk about a very important truth.

We cannot have full time benefits with part time commitment! Pastor James shares revelation on what it requires to live in Victory!

Controlled By The Spirit

It’s so easy to be controlled by anything in this world, it’s time we truly become “Controlled by the Spirit!”

Walking In The Spirit

Today we discuss what it means to truly walk in the Spirit! Also how we can dominate the flesh!

Proper Perspective

We must live in response to light and not reaction to darkness! Today we talk about the power of perspective, and a wild story of a man who carved through a mountain!

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