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In life, there are no “safe spaces.” However we do have complete protection and safety in the place God has called us to be!

Episode #118 - One Name

As Christians, one of the greatest gifts we have been given is THE NAME OF JESUS! There will never be another name more famous or more powerful!

People are amazing. We should love and cherish them, however, it is possible to expect things from people that only God can give us. It’s time to refocus!

There are laws that govern our world and we must follow them. Even greater are the spiritual laws. Today we discuss the laws of Faith!

Natural eyesight can weaken and is misleading, spiritual eyesight is even worse. Are you looking through rose-colored glasses or a magnifying glass?

Episode #114 - Legacy

What is legacy? How do you define it? Pastor James tells us today why it’s overrated and how you can accomplish all Heaven has! Heaven is counting on you!

God is not looking for ability, He’s looking for availability! We talk about the power of saying “Yes” and walking in the Spirit!

The Bible says, “We believe, therefore we speak.” Today we talk about the power of declaration and confession! You are the prophet of your own destiny!

There’s a posture for walking in the Miraculous! We talk about how expectation will cause the Blessing of God to flow in your life!

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