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Taking The Land

Today, Pastor James Levesque shares powerful insight of how the enemy keeps us from taking the promise land God has for each of us.     WARNING: Listening to and applying this me...

Renewed Curiosity

Too many people settle and lose their curiosity.  Today, Pastor James Levesque shares with us the dangers of losing your ability to exlore and look beyond your horizon.  

Fresh Oil

It’s important to keep our lamps filled with oil.  Our decisions today will transform our tomorrow!  Pastor James shares about leaving a legacy and, in a humorous way, takes cr...

Healthy Gates

We continue our discussion on gates and boundaries.  Today, we learn how to create them and change the course for our families!

Setting the Boundaries

Life is in the boundries.  Whether you realize it or not, we all live within borders and boundaries.  Today, we begin a discussion on setting our boundaries and how to protect ...

Guarding Your Deposit

You have been equipped and poured into to over the years.  We must value and protect what God has shown us and steward revelation.

Power of Integrity

Integrity is defined as “Who you are in the dark”.  Today, more than ever, we must walk with great character.  Not be a character!

FIshing in the Desert

We serve a God of miracles!  If fish can fall in a desert, God will rain down in every dry place of your life!

What Remains

 We serve a God of restoration!  Today, we learn about God’s nature and remember that no matter what, He is the God of what remains!

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