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Live For Now

The enemy keeps people stuck in their past and cripples them so they can’t move on  In addition, your future can hold you back. We discuss it today!

Pursuing Faith

It’s important that we pursue Faith! Today we discuss focus and the power of making right decisions!

Promoting Fear

The enemy’s #1 desire of fear is to stop you from pursuing your destiny! Today we expose the lies and empower you to overcome!

What's Your Cause

It’s important you make a choice and decide what your cause is. We cannot champion innocent children marching for gun control and think we’re making a difference.

Not Settling

Years ago, something happened that shocked Pastor James’ life.  It ended up being an amazing lesson of being authentic, real and not settling.

Useless Faith

Yesterday, millions celebrated Easter/Resurrection Sunday. Today, we talk about Paul and what he called useless faith.

Yell Louder

Dead religion will constantly try to silence your voice! Today we talk about the power of boldness and focus.   Focusing on Jesus will guarantee He won’t pass us by!

Personal Growth

Everyone has growth barriers that we need to overcome. Today we talk about these invisible barriers and the 4 things we need to do to overcome them!

Root of Evil

The lust of material and wealth can be a root of all kinds of evil. Is our trust in God? Today’s episode can help clarify that!

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