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All You Need

After the recent sale of his home, Pastor James had a question answered he’d been wondering for 10 years!

Hallelujah Anyhow!

Today, we finish this wild week talking about praise and worship!  Herby stops by and we declare “Hallelujah anyhow!”

Rose Bush Lessons

Today, we learn about a rose bush and we are reminded that the seed in you will blossom!

Stop Pretending

We continue our discussion on Racheal and Leah.  Many are pretending Leah is Rachael and that won’t cut it!  It’s time to choose the best for your life!

Dump Leah

In everyone’s life there’s two trees in the garden.  Decisions matter and what we say yes to will ultimately say no to something else!  Choose wisely

Born in Kansas

We start off the week talking about values.  In a culture that wants instant gratification, we are reminded that values are measured over time.

We finish the week discussing a powerful subject.  Pastor James shares about how a lot of Churches today are like natural deodorant.  They continually make promises they cant k...

When God calls us, we must have a single focus on what we are called to do.  Today, we learn from an amazing example, and we receive fresh courage to fight on.

Make Up Your Mind

Today, we continue with the subject of decisions and how we will all get to the point where we must make up our mind and decide.  Blessings are in the balance.

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